NJ State Parks and Many County Parks Reopen!

NJ State Parks and Many County Parks Reopen!

NJ State Parks and many County Parks have opened again for passive recreation this past weekend! Do your part to protect others while outdoors -- wear a face covering. We know you want to get out in nature, as do many of your fellow New Jerseyans, that is why we're required to continue social distancing in order to keep all New Jersey families safe.

A few things to note

  • If you don't feel like it is safe to go out... don't go.
  • Stay local. No reason to drive 2 hours for a park when a great one is just a few towns over.
  • Don't go out in groups or meet up with friends from across the state.
  • Practice proper social distancing, and pull up your mask when passing folks on the trail.
  • If you get to a park, and the parking lot is packed, leave. Find another park or just head home.
  • Not all County Parks have reopened. Please see our links below to visit each county's site for more information.
  • Most parks that have reopened are only allowing passive use of their properties.
    • Activities include:
      • Hike/Walk
      • Horseback Ride
      • Bicycle
      • Fish/Hunt (with permit)
      • Boat/Canoe/Kayak
      • Bird/wildlife watch
    • May not be open/allowed:
      • Restrooms
      • Camping
      • Buildings
      • Pavilions & playgrounds
      • Picnic areas
      • Education programs
      • Food concessions
      • Swimming

NJ County Parks

As noted above, not all NJ County Parks have reopened their properties. And many have only opened some of their properties at this time. If you would like additional information about a specific park system we would recommend contacting them directly.